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Tips to stay ahead of Coronavirus with MyStay

MyStay editorial staff 3 minute read

Outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting the world in a drastic way and hospitality has been one of the most hit by this epidemic. We have compiled some valuable insights on how to help operations and stay on top of the crisis.

Information is key

With some of the areas severely affected by the virus, more and more people are getting scared and start canceling their travel plans for 2020. In these times direct and honest communication is a key to success. Send out an automated message to all guests with existing reservations with warm words of reassurance about the situation in your region. Tell them about the best health and safety precautions that you are taking to help them keep a piece of mind.

Be flexible

As all of us already know from history, all crises go in a cycle. The drop will eventually stop and the travel operations will go back to normal sooner or later. It’s time to act now and offer the concerned clients an option to rebook their stay for later in the year. For those with non-refundable booking, extend the generosity and transfer it into loyalty points that can be used within a year. It is also a good time to rethink your cancellation policy, as more flexible rules will attract more guests, who even at this time would like to make travel arrangements. 

Increase revenue from every guest

With the smaller number of guests coming to your hotel you cannot overlook any additional stream of revenue. The clients who are still visiting your hotel are likely to order your services. Focus your attention on great customer service and present each guest with a service tailored for their needs. Only those with outstanding customer service will survive. 

Use automated messaging to offer an early check-in to those who are yet to come and late checkout to those who are yet to leave. Maximize revenue from your restaurant by letting the guest know about the high hygiene level of the kitchen and make an extra emphasis on the room service. 

Prepare for the best

Recent travel and hospitality market events are definitely something to overcome, but working hard in this time will definitely pay off for your business in future. It is time to stay optimistic and make an extra effort to keep a lean, but productive operation till the market bounces back in a couple of months. We at MyStay are always here to help, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.