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Relationships 101: The Hotel and the Guest

MyStay editorial staff 3 minute read

In hospitality, it cannot be emphasized enough: relationships matter. At the top of the hotels’ priorities is the guest. Needless to say, without the guest there isn’t a hotel. However, navigating that relationship in the transforming digital world of hospitality isn’t as straightforward. Our goal in this blog post is to share with you some important things to keep in mind when new guests are added to your guest list.

More than just a customer

As your guests search through hundreds of hotels’ websites, Online Travel Agents (OTAs), and peer-to-peer review sites, they aren’t merely looking for a place to spend the night. Guests care about location, services, offers and, of course, how well hotels’ staff treat their guests. For instance, does the staff greet guests upon arrival, no matter how late or early they may arrive? Does hotel staff efficiently and promptly respond to guest’s concerns and requests? And many more questions relating to how hotel staff and management value their guests beyond just a customer. Guests are looking for a temporary home away from home during their stay and hope to be warmly welcomed by the host, which is you, dear hotelier.

Use MyStay to show guests that you care. Start off on the right note with our welcome SMS to get in touch with guests right away before they even get the chance to meet you in person. Additionally, MyStay provides the opportunity to connect with guests via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp during their stay, so if an issue ever arises or a hotel service is needed, guests can get in touch with you in a more personal and effective way that shows how much you value the relationships with your guests.

Respecting your guests’ time and space

As a hotelier, it is important to remember why your guests are there. Whether on business or leisure, the hotel is a place to decompress from their hectic days in a place that they may not be too familiar with.

After a long day of travel, your guests will find the check-in process to be the roadblock to some much-needed time and space to relax and rejuvenate. Therefore, making this process as seamless and efficient as possible shows guests you are aware of and value their wishes and want nothing more than to provide them with impeccable service.

Luckily for you, with MyStay, guests can take advantage of our Digital Check-In feature, which allows guests to check in to their hotel from the comfort of their homes, on the way from the airport or anywhere else they may find themselves before arriving to your property. This feature amongst our other powerful and effective features shows guests you value their time, respect their space and are there to make sure your guest has a stress-free and comfortable stay.

It is important to remember that service doesn’t just begin when guests have checked in nor does it end when guests have checked out. Fortunately, MyStay provides you with the opportunity to connect with your guests, in a manner which respects their time and space, throughout all phases of travel: before, during and after their trip.

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