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7 tips for a perfect hotel offer

MyStay editorial staff 3 minute read

So you have created amazing services for your guests that will make their experience in your hotel unforgettable, but what now? How do you present your offer in an appealing way? There are 8 important things to keep in mind, while creating any offer.

Catchy title

What does your customer see first? The title! Striking title is one of the most important elements of the offer. Do not forget to use the appropriate movement verb – experience, taste, indulge, pamper yourself, etc. You have a much greater chance that the guest will immediately imagine the offer and you will grab their attention from the first glance.

Great pictures

Pictures speak louder than words, don’t they? To create an even better impression of what the guest can expect from your offer, you must have an attractive picture. Invest in professional photos for your services and trust me, it will pay off. Pictures of your offer should make the guest want to jump into that jacuzzi or order that juicy steak.

Be precise

Remove all doubts right away and clearly describe the basic informations in the offer: when does the experience take place, where they can enjoy it and especially for how much. Don’t leave room for doubt or indecision. 

Even more precise

You think you added everything? Think again. Information on what to take, like a towel and slippers or warm clothing eliminates subsequent questions and unnecessary doubt as to whether to use the service. 

Write a story

Do not forget a shorter introductory caption and, if you have space, additional information about history or origin of the idea. Highlight what is the best about the service you provide, why is it special. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s secret recipe. Or maybe it is something local that can’t be experienced anywhere else. In the end – stories sell.

Build trust

Collecting reviews? It’s right time to show them. People are more likely to book a service, if they can trust the quality of it. And 72% of millennials base their decisions just on reviews. 

Call to action

However, none of these would be valid if you do not clearly let the guest know what to do exactly to order the service. So don’t forget a call to action – to call, send an email, order on the website, go personally on reception. Let the guest know, what he has to do exactly to order that perfect offer. 
Use those tips, while creating your new offer and tell us what you think!